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UltraFit: Putty Impression Material

Ultra Fit silicone impression material is a high consistency, addition-curing and moldable silicone compound. This material is compounded for taking primary impressions.

Typical Properties

Mixing Ratio1:1
Mixing time (min.) 0:45
Working time (min.) 1:30
(After the mix)
Recommended set time (min.) 5:30
% Strain in compression = 2.2
% Linear shrinkage after 24h. = 0.1
% Compression set = 0.7
% Elongation @ break not determined
% Recovery from Deformation 99.3
Hardness Shore A after 24h. *Denoted by Product # EXXXX-21, -32, -36, -40
(- # Denotes Hardness)

The times and properties are valid at room temperature and relative humidity.

Product Use Information

The catalyst component contains an active metal complex.

Use equal parts of Base and Catalyst by weight or volume at room temperature and Relative Humidity. Higher temperatures shorten work and cure times, while lower temperatures prolong work and cure times.

**IMPORTANT** Only the Base and Catalyst with the same lot and product number should be kneaded together until the color is homogeneous.

Storage and Shelf-Life

Should not be used after the expiration date. Store at = 78 ºF and away from sunlight.

Safety and Handling

For specific information regarding safe handling of this material, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. Keep away from children. This material should be used for impression purposes only. Federal law prohibits the use of this material for purposes other than intended.


2 jars, Base (250 g) & Catalyst (250 g) PRODUCT # E5001-21, E5001-32, E5001-36, E5001-40
2 jars, Base (500 g) & Catalyst (500 g) PRODUCT # E5002-21, E5002-32, E5002-36, E5002-40
Single Base (15 g) & Catalyst (15 g) PRODUCT # E5003-21, E5003-32, E5003-36, E5003-40
 *EXXXX- # (- # Denotes Hardness)
8 jars, 4 Base (250 g) & 4 Catalyst (250 g) PRODUCT # E5001E-21, E5001E-32, E5001E-36, E5001E-40
8 jars, 4 Base (500 g) & 4 Catalyst (500 g) PRODUCT # E5002E-21, E5002E-32, E5002E-36, E5002E-40
100 Singles, 50 Base (15 g) & 50 Catalyst (15 g) PRODUCT # E5003E-21, E5003E-32, E5003E-36, E5003E-40
Bulk (B)
50 lbs & Over PRODUCT # B5004-21, B5004-32, B5004-36, B5004-40
 *EXXXXE-XX (E denotes Economy)


  • Store at room temperature, 65O - 75O F (18O - 24O C).
  • Wash your hands before handling this material.
  • Do not wear latex gloves when handling this material.
  • Do not use hand lotion before mixing this product.
  • Keep this material out of children.
  • Do not swallow or take internally.


Northeast Resins & Silicones, LLC assumes no liability for intentional or unintentional misuse of this product.

Mixing Ratio 1:1
Mix the respective components until a uniform color is attained.

ItemCharacteristics Durometer* Shore ‘A’ Worktime** (Minutes) Set Time** (Minutes)
Ultra Fit Singles Its added softness makes it ideal for sensitive ears and CIC or ITE fittings 32 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15
Ultra Fit Singles High impression accuracy, good tensile strength and excellent consistency 40 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15
Ultra Fit Singles High impression accuracy, good tensile strength and softer than Shore ‘A’ 40 excellent consistency 36 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15
Ultra Fit Singles Ideal for sensitive ears and softer 21 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15

All the above Silicone Impression Materials are available also in bulk, in 1 and 2 lb jars.

*After one hour at room temperature 73°F (23°C)
** From the Start of the mixing.

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