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Sculpting & Molding Materials

Sili-Cast: Liquid Silicone Casting Material
Northeast Resins & Silicones Sili-Cast is a new pour-able duplicating material based on addition curing silicones with extreme precision. Owing to the material’s low shore hardness, its high elasticity and high tear strength, pouring and removal of casts is easy. Moulds made of Northeast Resins & Silicones Casting Material can be stored and poured even after months and can be used several times.
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Sili-Glass: Liquid Silicone Molding Material
Sili-Glass is a pour-able, addition-curing, two-component, high-strength, silicone mould making compound that cures at room temperature. It is Crystal-clear when cured (or variable depending on consumer specifications). Sili-Glass has high tear strength and excellent resistance to moulding resins to ensure the long service life of the moulds.
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