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PolySil-Cartridge: Hearing Aid Silicone Impression Material

PolySil –Cartridge is a thixotropic, addition-curing, low viscosity silicone impression fluid material. PolySil - Cartridge is compounded for taking exact impression including the intrinsic crevices of the ear canal. It has high tear strength to provide the best chance of maintaining impression integrity upon removal.

Typical Properties

Working time (min.) 2:00±0:10
(After the mix)
Recommended time in Ear (min.) 3:30±0:20
% Linear shrinkage after 24h. = 0.1
% Elongation @ break not determined
% Recovery from Deformation 99.3
Hardness Shore A after 24 h. 35 -38

The times and properties are valid at room temperature and Relative Humidity.

Use Information

The PolySil impression material is a type 3 low viscosity silicone material filled in auto mix cartridges. It can be directly extruded into the ear canal using mixing tips.

Storage and Shelf-Life

This material should not be used after the expiration date. Store at = 78 ºF and away from sunlight.

Safety and Handling

For specific information regarding safe handling of this material, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. Keep away from children. This material should be used by hearing health professionals only. Federal law prohibits the sale of this device to persons other than audiologist or licensed practitioners.


Cartridge, 50 ml. PRODUCT # E5011 – 40RC

Operating Instructions


  1. Follow standard Otoscopic examination procedures.
  2. Select and place a proper size canal dam in the ear.
  3. Use special colored mixing tip and special dispenser gun to extrude the material in to the ear canal.
  4. Allow to 6 minutes for curing before removing the impression.


Northeast Resins & Silicones, LLC assumes no liability for intentional or unintentional misuse of this product.

Mixing Ratio 1:1
Mix the respective components until a uniform color is attained.

Item Characteristics Durometer*
Shore ‘A’
Set Time**
UltraSil Cartridge High viscosity and has a putty consistency. It has excellent memory and good flow 32 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15  
PolySil Cartridge Low viscosity silicone fluid with excellent memory and softness with new and old cartridges 40 2:00±0:15 5:00±0:15  

*After one hour at room temperature 73°F (23°C)
** From the Start of the mixing.

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