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Impression Materials

Industrial Impression Materials
Our Industrial Impression Materials are high consistency, addition-curing, moldable, silicone compounds. These materials are compounded for taking primary impressions. The IIM line of products is NOT to be used for taking impressions in the mouth or of the skin. The I.I.M.material has NOT been FDA approved for use in the mouth or on the skin. Casual skin contact is permitted.
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PolySil: Hearing Aid Cartridges
PolySil –Cartridge is a thixotropic, addition-curing, low viscosity silicone impression fluid material. PolySil - Cartridge is compounded for taking exact impression including the intrinsic crevices of the ear canal. It has high tear strength to provide the best chance of maintaining impression integrity upon removal.
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UltraFit: Putty Impression Material
Ultra Fit silicone impression material is a high consistency, addition-curing and moldable silicone compound. This material is compounded for taking primary impressions.
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UltraFit: Cartridge Impression Material
UltraFit –Cartridge is a putty-like, addition-curing, viscous silicone impression material. UltraFit - Cartridge is compounded for taking exact impressions. The material functions as a hand mixed putty with added advantage of compressing the material with hand after injecting for precise impression.
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Custom Products for Audiologists
Dental Impression Material
Materials for Art & Hollywood

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