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About NERS

Northeast Resins & Silicones, LLC (NERS) has provided premier silicone products to consumers for the past 8 years. Though relatively new, NERS has already established an esteemed reputation in the impressions market. We currently specialize in manufacturing FDA approved high consistency 2-part addition/cure silicone systems and room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicones. Additionally, we also offer thixotropic, addition-curing, low viscosity, fluid, silicone-impression materials. These can be compounded for taking exact impressions. All of our silicones have high tear strength to maintain impression integrity.

Northeast Resins & Silicones was founded on the basis of providing superior silicone products at a highly competitive rate that only a small business can offer. Stemming from the consistent quality of the silicones compounded at NERS, we have developed a large and loyal customer base that continues to grow rapidly. Our company successfully competes with the Fortune 500 organization General Electric, in addition to Wacker Silicones, Shin-etsu Silicones, and other major manufacturers, with respect to compounded silicone materials.

With the heightened growth and demand for our material, NERS has sought to branch into other fields of the silicone industry. In our pursuit for a larger market, we invite distributors and consumers alike to request samples of our products and compare them to competitor brands. NERS is confident that you will recognize the unrivalled cost and superiority of our products.

Our Team

Our team is lead by DR. SIVANANDA JADA, PH.D. Dr. Jada founded NERS in 1998 with the vision of creating a company that provided an unparalleled quality product. The President and owner of NERS, Dr. Jada, received his Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the Moscow Institute of Technology in Russia. He continued post-doctoral work at the Case-Western Reserve University in Ohio. Dr. Jada now heads the research and development division at NERS utilizing his 25 years of experience in the field. He currently holds 17 International and United States patents in his name.

Who We Service

We offer various room temperature vulcanizing platinum -cure silicones which can be modified to your specifications. The set-time, shore-A, density, viscosity, and even bouyancy, of our products can all be tailored to meet our customer's needs. This diversified product line ranges from medical impression to industrial and design/mold making material. Northeast Resins & Silicones has a team of researchers who will work with you to develop a custom material for your company's needs.

Currently, our products are used for pharmaceutical impressions, design and mold-making purposes, and industrial impressions. All of our product lines are non-toxic, FDA approved, and will not stick to skin or hair.

We are currently in the process of contracting material for the U.S. government and launching a new line of pharmaceutical impression silicones.

Custom Products for Audiologists
Dental Impression Material
Materials for Art & Hollywood

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